Pounding The Streets

February 20, 2017

Our New Year newsletter has been dropping through many letter boxes in Essex and beyond. We have received a very positive response to our appeal for new foster carers .

Fostering manager Brendan Warner commented “with national and international news dominated by negativity it’s good to hear that volunteering is alive and well”


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A Tear to the Eye

February 6, 2017

Andi Warner was on duty the other day and spoke with one of our carers about a possible placement of a teenage girl.

Andi was asking a carer if she would consider this placement request. The response came back “ I feel as if I want to give her a big hug”

Andi, a former foster carer herself,  said that all the children and young people that are referred to Fp2 are vulnerable

but there are some that really do have an impact on the team. Such situations remind us of what it’s all about – protecting and caring for vulnerable children.


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Christmas Celebrations at FP2

December 12, 2016

Christmas is always a lovely time of the year at Fp2.  This year is no exception and our Children’s Christmas party went down well from the youngest of children to the oldest of carers!! We had dancing and games provided by a local entertainer which kept everyone amused. The fun and games were temporarily suspended whilst everyone feasted on a mountain of food, from wraps, salmon, cheeses and nibbles to fresh fruit kebabs, cupcakes and fresh cream cakes.  The entertainment started up again with more fun and games, reindeer racing included, until it was time for Santa to arrive. The children had to complete a treasure hunt until he was found, and when he arrived he was laden with gifts. Individually picked gifts for the younger children and the older children received gift vouchers so they can personally choose something they really want. The carers didn’t miss out either with gifts for them all.

Today the carers will be getting together with members of staff to enjoy a leisurely Christmas lunch at a local restaurant. Have fun everyone.

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Fp2 promotes a healthy lifestyle

December 5, 2016

With recent news reports that British children are among the least active in the world, at Fp2 we actively promote exercise in young people. Andreea set up the local junior parkrun, Michelle P is an assistant coach at the local athletic club and Fp2 sponsor Southendian Manor Under 13’s football team. We are pleased to hear the team are are doing well and providing sporting opportunities for many young people in Southend. There are plenty of opportunities out there for children and young people, they just need support and encouragement and our foster carers are fantastic at providing that. We have children in the agency that are excelling in a range of sports from basketball to football. Keep up the good work.


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It’s Party Time!

November 28, 2016

Fp2 staff are busy preparing for  the team’s annual Christmas Party. Venue booked, children’s entertainer ready and food ordered. Michelle Phillips chief present wrapper says the staff get as much fun as the children do. “We are all young at heart” says Michelle.


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November 21, 2016

We don’t just salute our foster carers for all their good work. Many of our carers are supported by sons and daughters, grandparents, aunts and uncles or close friends and neighbours.

Brendan Warner, Fostering Manager said “There are just so many examples where household members or people in the carer’s support network become really good role models to a child  or young person. One of our carer’s brother regularly takes a young person to a local football match, another carer has a lovely mum who provides a bit of retail therapy to a very troubled teenager. Judy and Rob’s adult son takes their foster child fishing and it is really seen as special time”


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One Inclusive Team

November 16, 2016

One of the sad side effects of the recent Referendum and American Presidential election is the emergence of divisive and negative attitudes to some of our fellow citizens. At Fp2 we pride ourselves on our inclusive non judgemental approach to everything we do. Andreea Bornaz who hails from Romania  said that she felt at home as soon as she walked through the door.

Andreea said “It is really great to be working with colleagues with such strong values and principles where diversity is celebrated and seen as a strength”


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We are Outstanding for a third time!

October 19, 2015

Fostering People Too has just been awarded an Outstanding rating by Ofsted for the third time running.  Manager Brendan Warner commented “It has proved an eventful year having just celebrated the tenth birthday of the agency, moving premises and now to receive such positive feedback from Ofsted is the icing on the cake” 

Like many social care providers fostering services are highly regulated and are regularly inspected by Ofsted and local authorities that use them.

The week long Ofsted inspection focused on five key areas: experiences and progress of, and outcomes for, children and young people, quality of service, safeguarding children and young people, leadership and management  and in each Fostering People Too was considered outstanding.

Julie Smart a foster carer with the agency said  “There is a great team spirit at Fostering People Too with a strong focus on getting it right for the children and young people we care for. Fostering can be really challenging at times but it also brings many rewards. I feel so well supported by everyone at the agency it has boosted my confidence and skills enormously”

Brendan Warner said “Although inspections can be a bit nerve racking it is right that whatever we do is subject to scrutiny. Children and young people’s lives are too precious so it is vital we always go the extra mile”

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April 23, 2015

To coincide with our 10th birthday we have moved to a new office base in Felsted just a few miles west of our former office in Braintree. Our new home is on the old Roman road, Staine Street,  that once connected the area with Colchester. Instead of a Roman Chariot it was a trusty Ford truck that carried our belongings along the Dunmow Road to our new base at Exhibit House just past the former Sailing Oak junction.

Brendan Warner our Fostering Manager praised staff and their partners in completing the move in record time. Brendan said “We owe a great deal to the Braintree Enterprise Centre for all their help with both establishing and expanding our business. North Essex has proved a good location for us being within an hour’s  drive  to much of our catchment area in London and East Anglia. We have continued to expand at a sustainable pace so needed more space and to be just a little closer to the M11 corridor. We have also been fortunate in recruiting a first class staff team who all live locally” Also many of our suppliers are local companies and keeping it local has always been an essential part of our philosophy.”

As well as an office base Exhibit House will provide facilities  for both training and all important support group meetings for our foster carers. Brendan commented “We ran a series of preparation groups for prospective foster carers and they were all impressed with the high quality of the training and the homely welcoming feel of our new home

In readiness for the move Exhibit House has been completely re-furbished. The agency are keen to do their bit for the environment so a high standard of insulation has been included in the works. Michelle Phillips Administrator commented that the atmosphere within the building sends out a clear message that staff, carers and visitors feel valued”

Fostering People Too’s new contact details:

Exhibit House, Dunmow Road,
Felsted,,Essex. CM6 3LD
Tel: 01371 820600

Email: duty@fosteringpeopletoo.org.uk

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Small is Beautiful

July 9, 2014

One of the good things about Fp2 is that we are one big family. We have received several calls lately from carers who are with much larger fostering agencies. The common theme is “they are only in it for the money” For us supporting children and carers is our number one priority and that means 24/7.  Fostering can be challenging as well as rewarding so it is vital colleagues feel part of a supportive team.

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