Our Fostering Service

This page includes details of our fostering service, and of the additional services that we can provide.


Our aim is to provide a range of quality family placements for children and young people. We are committed to building strong working relationships with our foster carers and providing a high level of support in recognition of the essential role they play in children’s lives.

Many of the foster carers provide a welcome period of stability for children whilst their placement needs and options for their futures are being assessed. Foster carers play an important part in that assessment.

FP2 provides..

.• An experienced fostering team committed to providing a high level of support that is reflected in our low disruption rate for children
• A diverse and experienced range of foster carers, well supported, with ongoing development and training and an independent reviewing process
• Full 24 hour emergency advice and support
• Speedy and efficient response to referrals of children, but always carefully planned and monitored placements
• A working contract that sets out clear expectations, roles and responsibilities
• Agency presence at LAC reviews and planning meetings
• Competitive fees and reductions for more than one child

Small is beautiful

Fostering People Too is a truly independent fostering agency and we are not a subsidiary of a larger parent organisation nor owned by a distant finance house.

The shareholders comprise of two directors who are the fostering manager and a senior practitioner social worker.

The four directors are experienced and qualified practitioners and take a hands on role in the strategic and operational management of the agency


Fostering People Too is approved and regularly inspected by the OFSTED and is an approved London Care Services and Eastern Regions provider.


  • We contacted FP2 in early 2012 to enquire about becoming Foster Carers. Since that first phone call we have been very impressed with their level of professionalism and efficiency. We were led step by step through the evaluation and approval process up to going to panel. if we had any difficult questions they were answered with dignity and a non-judgemental attitude. Since being approved we have continued to find FP2 a pleasure to work with.

  • Working with FP2 has been great, all the way through our application to approval to placement..our
    supporting social working has been amazing and so has everyone else in the team. They are on-hand 24/7 for any questions, problems or emergencies and
    always go beyond our expectations and as a result we feel confident and supported in our role as foster carers.

  • “Since being approved in June 2012 we have received high quality, professional and extensive support available on 24 hour basis from FP2.  We were allocated a Supervising Social Worker at the beginning, who remained with us throughout the application and approval process which has been great for building working relationships.  FP2 offer an excellent and progressive training programme so we can become the best foster carers we can be and our monthly supervision sessions have identified individual training courses that lead to recognised qualifications.  We have found the support groups extremely helpful as they enable us all to share our experiences and learn from each other, we love being part of the ever growing family that is FP2’

  • Being a Foster Carer for Fostering People Too. There are highs and lows, it is testing, frustrating, challenging but above all rewarding, when you watch a child placed in your care, blossom into the children that they deserve to be. Working for the Agency with their generous never ending support, all of the above are celebrated or we are encouraged to push on and face the never ending challenges that come our way, especially when the going gets tough. Tomorrow is always another day. The on going support groups and training sessions are invaluable and help us to understand the children placed in our care and where they have come from. The friendships that are formed with other Carers, bonded together by one goal, The Children.

  • Fostering People Too are so supportive of both carers and children they place that it is like we are all part of one big family 🙂 They go the extra mile and nothing is too much trouble, whatever time of day or night. It’s wonderful to have a SSW who anticipates what I and my family need before I do!


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